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Sunday - Saturday
July 14-20, 2024
The summer greens and chromatic grays of trees, and field, as well as a variety of still life set-ups will be our sources of visual content. Using watercolor, gouache or both, participants will translate what is observed into shape, value, and hue. A series of in-studio exercises will enhance fluency with the mediums and deepen color mixing ability and compositional strategies. Each day multiple studies will be completed, with the goal of describing the light environment in each. This course is ideal for those people new to watercolor or painting and those with extensive experience.

Monday - Friday
August 12 - 16
9 am - 1 pm
Truro Center for the Arts, Truro, MA

Those who have painted outdoors many times or who are doing so for the first time are welcome to this outdoor painting experience. Observing and responding to the energy of the natural world enriches our visual vocabulary. We will simplify and summarize the complex landscape into shapes of specific value and hue, starting with a series of exercises to encourage rapid work with large brushes and palette knives. Over the five mornings, students will complete four one-sitting paintings. The workshop will begin with in-studio color mixing exercises, a discussion of the issues, tools, and practices unique to painting outdoors, and an image presentation of the work of contemporary and historical landscape painters. Truro’s fields, salt marshes, scrub pines, and sea vistas will provide our content. An indoor studio space will be used if rain interrupts us. All mediums are welcome.